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Fishing has always been my passion!

Starting with Sea and Course Fishing when I was younger before turning my hand to Fly Fishing in the last few years, I have built up an extensive knowledge base of the sport as well as for the ‘tools’ needed for all types of fishing.


I started restoring vintage Wood & Brass fishing reels in 2006 after being left them by a fellow fisherman who had always said he would love to someday have them restored to there former glory.

I spent months researching, practicing and seeking specialist advise to do enable me to do these reels justice which judging by the feedback I received, I feel I achieved.


I was soon collecting and restoring all makes of fishing reels including Hardy, Abu, Milward and Allcock . . . to name a few. Then, in 2006 I decided to turn my hobby into a small family business


I now hold and am able to source a large variety of collectable and secondhand rods, reels, tackle and accessories. Please use the link above to see the current list of items available in my shop or feel free to contact me should you require a bespoke restoration job, advice or further information on any of my items.


I appreciate you taking the time to read my story and look at my website.

Antique Fishing Reels
Antique Fishing Reels
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